Our Philosophy

Here at JC3, our foremost responsibility to our patients is education.  We feel that with the proper education about their condition, we can create a medical cannabis regiment that will help with their quality of life.

JC3 aspires to have the best quality medication at the most affordable prices for our patients.  Most of our medicine is grown organically from reputable caregivers.

Our Story

  We started the Jackson County Compassion Club in 2009 at a local pizza parlor hosting educational classes.  We grew to the point where there wasn’t sufficient room to host these meetings anymore, so via donations we were able to acquire a facility of our own. 

  After the initiative passed, patients could acquire their medical marijuana cards, and we were able to help supply them with their medicine through caregiver donations.  We are now comprised of over 10,000 active members and counting. 

  JC3 started a cancer program in 2013.  We hold a local cancer fundraiser every year, teaming up with Mission of Hope Cancer Fund to help local cancer patients with the resources, monetary assistance, and Rick Simpson oil they need to help fight their disease.  To date, our program benefits over 70 cancer patients. We are now able to dispense RSO (Rick Simpson oil) free of charge to these patients thanks to a donation process, with the help of our caregivers.  RSO is a very concentrated cannabis oil. It is made from the cannabis plant in a process through which the cannabinoids are extracted from the bud of the plant and made into a natural medication which patients ingest to help fight the cancerous tumors invading their bodies, as well as alleviate other symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy treatments such as pain, nausea, loss of appetite, and insomnia.  We are very proud of our accomplishments and our ability to help our local community with this unrelenting epidemic.  It is the job of our employees to be able to educate patients about all aspects of the cannabis plant and the benefits patients can receive from it.   

  JC3 is now established at our new location at 1291 Falahee Rd. in Jackson, MI.  We strived very hard to become one of the first legal medical marijuana facilities in the state of Michigan.

Meet the Team

Our JC3 Family is made up of the most knowledgeable bud-tenders you will find in the Medical Marijuana Industry.  We are always educating ourselves on the new products coming out in the industry and keeping up with market trends so we can bring you the products you wish to try.  We are always looking for new innovative ideas, so don't be afraid to share them with us!

Brenda Lutz

Founder & CEO

John Mortenson


Kirsten Engelgau


Michael Chavous

Budtender/ Marketing

Cody McClinchey

Shift Leader

Alina DeRossett

Receptionist / Bud-Tender